Wii NoSSL Patching

This method allows you to remove encrypted communications from games so better packet dumps can be obtained. A SSL tunnel is used so Nintendo's servers talk to the SSL tunnel with encryption while the Wii talks to the tunnel unencrypted.

Note that this patch may not work on all packets or all games. Please email me if you run across any bugs.

What you need

How to

In your Wii's Internet settings, change your DNS server to You can do this under connection settings.

Download WiiLauncher /w NoSSL and extract it to a folder called apps on your SD card/USB drive. Place this SD card/USB drive in your Wii.

Put your game disc in your Wii. In the Homebrew Channel on your Wii, select the "WiiLauncher /w NoSSL" application and launch it.

In the menu, simply select "Launch Game". Your game should now launch and be patched. Any HTTPS communication should now be removed and proxied through a SSL tunnel on this server.


My Wii game no longer connects to the Internet using this patch. What's going on?
If it's error 20100, make sure you changed your DNS settings first. Also check to make sure your router isn't intercepting DNS requests. If it still doesn't work, get a dump of the traffic it does send and email me the results so I can debug it.
Can the patcher damage my Wii?
It shouldn't. The patcher simply loads the data from the disc and patches it before launching. The code for it can be found here.
Can I use the NoSSL Patch without the SSL tunnel?
No, the patch requires a SSL tunnel of some sort.
Some packets are still going over HTTPS. How do I fix this?
This has to be fixed on my end on the tunnel. Email me with the game name and domain or IP that is still encrypted.
Do you log any information on the tunnel?
The only information logged is the URL accessed. Any data the game sends or receives is not logged. You should combine this with a capture method to get the unencrypted data in dumps.
Can I run my own SSL tunnel?
Yes. Email me and I can help walk you through setting one up. Please note that a Linux/Unix dedicated server or VPS is required for this, along with a lot of manual configuration.
Can this method work on USB loaders
No. USB loaders should instead use this Ocarina code to apply the patch. (Thanks to FIX94 on GBAtemp for making this code.) Ocarina Code | Source